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FiKHSONSTM, the name was formed by the names of former persons of the company.

FiKHSONSTM is a multipurpose business. The company was formed based on various types of human basic needs. We try to meet the demand of human needs by requiring necessary productions and worldwide exportations. We also import according to human necessities.

Vision & Mission

FiKHSONSTM strives to be among the most successful and recognized multipurpose business all over the world with the intention of caring public needs. It shall be adequate to serve the world with the best creations and supports meeting the necessities of human lives.

FiKHSONSTM adheres to serve worldwide with quality and excellency and contribute to the betterment and advancement of human lives in sense of basic needs. It is committed to serve the human lives with worldwide production, exportation and necessary importation of products and services.

CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)

FiKHSONSTM strives for enriching the lives of human beings and environmental sustainability. Concerning the basic needs of human beings, we maintain the value of our products and services ethically.

Our policies, practices and initiatives are coursed on awareness of FiKHSONSTM F.C.S.E.M.T. (Food, Clothing, Shelter, Education, Medicine & Technology) mission guideline. F.C.S.E.M.T. mission, a mission towards the prosperous lives of human beings by providing basic needs efficiently and with honesty.
Our actions are taken by caring the public trust and provoking our best supports.

We are fully responsible for any violence of our policies regarding our products and services. It shall be taken care with necessary enforcement and documented promises.


FiKHSONSTM, stands on LOC (Legality of Concern). LOC is our first and foremost maintainable requirement before every initiative we take. Our actions are well documented and legalized under respective laws.


IT/ICT Solutions

FiKHSONSTM Technologies provides wide range of IT/ICT solutions internationally, Includes Hardware/Software, Website design & development, graphics design, Data center and Networking Service & Solutions and IT/ICT Consultancy.

Media Productions

FiKHSONSTM Media House, a production house related in promoting and producing media contents which includes Modern Professional Photography, Cinematory/Videography, News/Advertising Productions etc.

Fashion & Lifestyle

FiKHSONSTM Fashion House is an online showcase platform based on modern fashion & lifestyle. Trending men & women collection lookbook featuring latest fashions portraying every cultures and modern lifestyle.

Tours & Travels

FiKHSONSTM Tours & Travels, is a dedicated agency which provides consultancy of tours and travels around the world. Visiting, taking education, searching jobs or living in abroad will be lot more easier to research through us.


FiKHSONSTM Agro Farm, is a agricultural farm involves in cultivation and breeding of animals, plants and fungi for food, fiber, biofuel, biofloc technology, medicinal plants and other products used to sustain and enhance human life.

Real Estate Development

FiKHSONSTM Holdings,  is a real estate development company which leads the market for new home building it includes the construction of single-family homes, townhouses, condominiums and corporate building. buying and selling lands and houses over cities to develop a better country within its scarce resources.

Export, Import & Supplier

FiKHSONSTM International deals with start to end production, exportation and importation of products all over the globe. This involves market researching, trading partners, trading goods and products with the best deals.

Foods & Cafe

FiKHSONSTM Foods & Cafe is dedicated to serve healthy foods and a healthy environment to our social community in the country and outside the country. We produce our foods by our own and delicious dishes for our respectful customers.

E-Commerce & Physical Store is a online shopping platform where individuals get the facility to buy all kinds of products with the best prices. also deals with offline shopping solution as super shop store from where products are sold physically with quality services.





Phone: +1 (856) 264-2869
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Phone: +8801760603646
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23 Holly Road, Clementon,
New Jersey 08021, USA.

Rupayan Shopping Square, Block-G,
Bashundhara R/A, Dhaka-1229, Bangladesh.



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